Ready for your next challenge in detection?

Have you trained your dog to indicate on a piece of Kong? Have you searched that stone wall over and over again? Are you ready for the next challenge? Join us in the ACT! Odor Recognition Test (ORT)! Now you can prepare your dog and yourself to do real double-blind searches with much confidence! This course will bring you to the next level of detection training! A real challenge, the perfect confidence builder!

The Odor Recognition Test Course

    1. Stepping out of your comfort zone!

    2. ORT is the stepping stone to double blind

    3. Prepare yourself for the real world

    4. Humans are a source of information

    5. An ORT is no guarantee for success

    6. How can we set up a succesfull ORT?

    7. You can set up your ORT in many shapes and forms!

    1. Why is ORT training so important?

    2. What sort of ORT and why do we need it?

    3. Where to start?

    4. How to solve problems?

    1. Sessions and trials

    2. Collecting data

    3. How to use and analyze data?

    1. Why do we need a bridge signal?

    2. What is a bridge signal?

    3. Primary and secondary reinforcers

    4. How do we use our bridge signals?

    5. Conditioning a bridge

    6. Bridge signal quiz

    1. Definitions in the detection world

    2. The definition of double blind

    3. Working 'clean'?

    4. Reinforcing close to the target odor / source

    5. What is a 'target' odor

    1. What is a Odor Delivery Device?

    2. Conditioning Odor Delivery Device (ODD)

    3. Loading and handling a ODD

    4. How to mark ODDs?

    5. 1 target position passive alert - 1 ODD

    6. 2 target position passive alert - 1 ODD

    7. 3 target positions passive alert - 1 ODD

    8. 2 target positions passive alert - 2 ODD's

    9. 3 target positions passive alert - 3 ODD's

    10. Duration in alert on ODD's

    11. Cleaning ODDs

    12. There are NO ODD's in the operational world

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